Hommage à Danielle BENOIT, Présidente de VSM VSM SAR/CSAR Training Center In the FUTURE


In 2013, VSM decided to bring their hardware and software skills resulting from 30 years of experience in real time simulation, to worldwide customers for the training of their aircraft crew members.

Devices have been achieved, programmes have been designed, and today, specific training sessions take place at VSM Training Center in Istres, France, on hardware trainers and VR mission simulators.

HUET Center

First "Survival at sea" training sessions in the HWTC (Heli Water Training Center. Pilots and crew chiefs of KSA police have been trained on 2 sessions of 3 days between the 7th and the 15th oh March.


VSM is a family SME specialised for more than 25 years in real time simulation in the field of civilian and military planes and helicopters.