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« Projet financé avec le concours de l’Union Européenne avec le Fonds Européen de Développement Régional »


Relying on its 2 last achievements, ESTHEL (Emergency and Shooting Trainer for HELicopters) and SAGOD (SAfety GO Down), VSM opened a Training Center devoted to helicopter cargo crewmembers in 2014 in Istres, France.

On March 7th 2017, this center has been complemented by an Heli Water Training Center, a building including a 19m x 9m pool and enabling HUET training sessions and 6-meter-high hoisting exercices above water.

Click here for VSM TRAINING Center Datasheet

ESTHEL : Mission trainer for hoisting operations involving a complete helicopter crew (pilot + hoist operator + eventual doorgunner or sniper)

Missions : SAR, CSAR, MEDEVAC, Offshore / Oil & Gas issues, Sling, Down shooting, ...

Ab initio training / Specific modules (Emergency procedures, night missions on NVG, ...)

Already clients on a regular multi-year basis : RNLAF (Royal NetherLands Air Force), KAF (Kuwait Air Force), RSAF (Royal Saudi Air Force), KSA Police (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Marine Nationale (French Navy), Armée de l'air française (French Air Force).

Click here for ESTHEL Datasheet

SAGOD : Mobile trainer for airlifted people : Rescuers, doctors, ..., dogs.

This certified device which has been designed with the French Civil Security can be carried to the customer's location.

Implemented by EC.A.S.C VALABRE, it is already used by the French Civil Security on a regional basis. It has also been presented to DGSCGC (National Headquarters for civil security and crisis management issues) in order to be part of a specific training program on a national level.

A real size test has been done in the Montpellier base at the end of november 2016 : in 5 days time, 90 persons have been trained thanks to 1080 hoisting exercises.

A Specific module for Emergency Rescue has been developed for emergency doctors and rescuers.

Click here for SAGOD Datasheet

HWTC (Heli Water Training Center) : Building with a 19m x 9m swimming pool inside, 2 cabins movable by 2 rolling bridges.

The first cabin is devoted to HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) certified sessions.
The second enables to perform winching exercises 6 meters above water.
Several "Survival at sea" exercises can also be performed in extreme conditions : waves, rain, wind, storm.

Click here for HWTC Datasheet