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1988-2018 : 30 years. Happy birthday VSM!


Relying on its 2 last achievements, ESTHEL (Emergency and Shooting Trainer for HELicopters) and SAGOD (SAfety GO Down), VSM opened a Training Center devoted to helicopter cargo crewmembers in 2014 in Istres, France.

On March 7th 2017, this center has been complemented by an Heli Water Training Center, a building including a 19m x 9m pool and enabling HUET training sessions and 6-meter-high hoisting exercices above water.

Heli Water Training Center

First "Survival at sea" training sessions in the HWTC (Heli Water Training Center. Pilots and crew chiefs of KSA police have been trained on 2 sessions of 3 days between the 7th and the 15th oh March.


VSM is a family SME specialised for more than 25 years in real time simulation in the field of civilian and military planes and helicopters.